Hi there, my name is Kerry and to say I'm crazy about all things having to do with dogs is well...a bit of an understatement. I started Bark at the Moon Photography because, plain and simply, I love dogs. I love everything they represent and everything they mean to us. If you invite me over to your home I will most likely hang out with your dog and talk about how adorable and unique they are the entire time. Our pups have beautifully pure souls and want nothing more than to be our everything. That spirit as well as the love you share is what I will capture for you to hold onto and cherish even after your sweet loves are no longer by your side. Let's make a difference for animals in need right here in our community. Together through your private photo session we can make that difference by donating $25 in your name and your pups name to one of the shelters or rescues mentioned on "The Cause" page.  Please feel free to look at this page and get to know the rescues and shelters I work with.  They are like minded people who want to help and make a difference in dogs lives.


Bark at the Moon Photography is located in Western Massachusetts. All private photo sessions take place outdoors, on location where dogs are most themselves.  Perhaps we can meet at your favorite local park, explore unique city streets together or wander the beautiful and scenic countryside of our area. I do travel beyond the Western Massachusetts area for additional travel expenses. Your photo session usually lasts 1-2 hours and is always weather permitting. Once your session is scheduled, we will discuss details and any specific ideas you have in mind. I also offer creative vision to compliment your pups personality and the love you share. During your session expect to have a lot of fun and share a lot of laughs.


Once your session is over we will meet again to review your photos together.  During this meeting we will choose your images and the custom art pieces that best represent and showcase your loyal companion and the bond you share. I am positive we will capture the love and spirit you are looking to preserve and hold onto of your sweetest and most special pups.


Photo credit to Rachael Metelica Kashner- (top photo)

Photo credit to Quite Fetching Furtography (bottom photo)